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Who We Are

North Shore Estates prides itself in the customer support and satisfaction that is offered 24/7 to provide you with the best possible care imaginable. With many staff on hand to always be there for your every need, you will come to know North Shore Estates as not just another company whom you owe lindens to every week, but real people whom you can count on, who maintains a bond with you and each other that is as strong as family.

We give you the best and most flexible options for land with no lag. We have themed sims to satisfy your every need and desire you could possibly imagine, and have established covenants to make sure you will always be receiving the best possible end product and care possible. Our competitive prices will always offer you a very reasonable price on land, but for the amount of customer care and support we offer, your time here with us will be priceless and no amount of lindens will ever compare to the enjoyable experience we will gladly offer to you.

Don't just settle for a small business cheap land where you will not get the support and care you deserve and possibly be given the short end of the stick by amateurs, or over priced multi-million corporations where you will just be another number in the hundreds of others who rent. Be apart of the North Shore Estates, who has been giving you the best care and customer service thought possible, since 2010.

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