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Full Region Parcels

Full regions provide the highest level of performance.

They allow up to 15,000 prims and as many as 100 avatars at any one time.

Perfect for businesses that need room for more people at the same time or a home owner needing a higher prim count.

Homestead Parcels

Homesteads are intended for lighter use.

They allow up to 3750 prims and as many as 20 avatars at any one time.

Perfect for a small business that needs a cheaper startup cost or a home owner wishing for a simple but cozy home.


Comming Soon!

Mainland Parcels

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"North Shore Estates was not only able to meet my needs when I needed something immediately, they were there to walk me through the entire process. They were even willing to dispense advice about my building and my particular needs. They even offered free terra-forming. I'm greeted just about every morning. It's like having real neighbors to give a quick wave. And this is the company's CEO! So you know you'll have excellent customer service. Titanious happens to be a good friend, but he's a great CEO and manages a wonderful group of estates at very reasonable rates. I'm very grateful I went with North Shore."

Bill Kaye

Publisher and Editor

inKLine Media and SL Business Review